Customized Eye Bolt Nut Screw Rocket Flat Hex-By Corlee

Custom screws with specific characteristics such as rocket head, flat head, and hexagonal, made from various materials like mild steel, stainless steel, and brass. These custom screws can be designed and manufactured to your exact specifications and requirements. Whether you need them for general or specialized applications, a trusted fastener supplier or manufacturer Chengshuo hardware can work with you to create custom screws that meet your needs.

Products Details

Eye bolt is a kind of fastener with a threaded shank and a looped head. Eye bolts are commonly used for lifting, rigging, and hanging applications. In Chengshuo our engineers can help custom many kinds of raw materials eye bolt, like mild steel, stainless steel, iron, aluminum,titanium, brass,nylon... Stainless steel Eye bolt with nylon inserts, this type of eye bolt typically has a nylon material inserted into the eye of the bolt to provide cushioning and reduce metal-on-metal contact. The nylon inserts can help prevent damage to the surface being attached to and reduce wear and tear on the bolt itself. Full nylon eye bolts, these kinds of eye bolts are often used in applications where vibration, noise, or damage from metal-to-metal contact needs to be minimized, such as in lifting and rigging operations. They can also be used in marine and outdoor applications where corrosion resistance is important. Full nylon eye bolts can be used in applications where non-metallic, corrosion-resistant, or non-conductive properties are required. These types of eye bolts are often used in industries such as marine, electrical, and where chemical resistance is important.

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